Employment process outsourcing

    Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

    Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is where all, or specific parts of your recruitment functions are outsourced to a staffing provider. We provide different RPO programs.

    • End-to-end  RPO spans all parts of the recruitment process in the organization. This type of recruitment outsourcing solution is also referred to as Comprehensive RPO or Full Cycle RPO

    End-to-end RPO includes:

    • sourcing, screening, assessment, and selection;

    • search process management;

    • transactional activities;

    • technology deployment and management;

    • internal hiring.

    • Project RPO is when a company needs to quickly increase recruitment efforts to support business. The service will be particularly relevant in case of seasonal hiring spikes, business transformation, change in strategy launch of a new product or service, or operations in a new country or location.
    • Selective RPO is a service that allows the client to outsource individual or multiple components of the search and selection cycle. This service is relevant for companies that struggle with challenges in a particular area of their recruitment. Our specialists professionally solve such problems as candidate leads generation, evaluating and qualifying candidates at any stage, scheduling interviews, induction, and adaptation of new employees. This solution is also referred to as  Partial RPO.

    Selective RPO includes:

    • high-impact recruiters;

    •  scalable tools;

    • compliant managed processes;

    • strategic reporting and analysis.

    • Recruiter on demand is a service that allows the company to engage a trained recruiter (or several specialists) as an additional resource to fortify its internal capabilities. Such a service is relevant for organizations during the period of a temporary increase in the scope of work, in case of a temporary lack of internal resources or the absence of their recruiter of appropriate expertise. The duration of such a project might vary subject to the availability of resources on the provider's side. 

    This model provides the following:

    • instant access to recruitment resources. 

    • the flexibility of on-site or virtual resources. 

    • complete scalability to any employer's talent needs. 

    • no lengthy contracts or a reduction in force. 

    • highly experienced specialists. 

    • methodology.

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    Outsourcing of HR Functions is the transfer of the administration and operating management of human resources function, calculation and payment of salaries, as well as the management of the client’s infrastructure.
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