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    Features of the Search and Selection of Top-level Personnel. Executive Search

    Features of the Search and Selection of Top-level Personnel. Executive Search

    The specifics of Executive Search are that it is often not enough to find the required top manager to solve client problems. It is required to study in detail the features of the vacancy, and sometimes initiate changes in business processes on the Customer's side, so that the selection of top-level personnel is effective.

    Our consultants specialize in working with the senior management of top companies, communicate daily with their clients - CEOs, owners of companies, and members of the board of directors, and have a good understanding of the specifics of recruiting in this area. A close dialogue with top managers, a wide network of contacts, and a modern updated database of candidates allow us to quickly fill the most difficult vacancies with the help of Executive Search.

    About the service

    Executive Search is a whole range of services for the selection of managerial personnel and rare specialists. Stafferty employees use their methods and technologies to work quickly and efficiently. Each of our consultants has more than 5 years of experience in professional recruitment and will be able to find an approach to any, even the most closed candidates. The total amount of remuneration, as a rule, is a percentage of annual income and is discussed individually.

    Why Stafferty?

    • Access to high-level specialists; 

    • Long-term trusting relationships with top specialists; 

    • Personalized approach to Clients and candidates; 

    • Confidentiality; 

    • Candidate support during the adaptation period; 

    • Extended terms of employee replacement warranty; 

    • The fee is lower than that of executive search agencies.

    We study the needs of the customer's company and conduct candidate market research to find a truly unique professional. Long-term connections, databases, and networking are being used. This approach allows you to effectively close any, even fairly rare positions. For example, the Head of Infield Pipeline Construction, the Head of Well Support and Workover Development, or the Commercial Director of Polyurethanes. Sometimes the search conditions become truly extreme, below is one such case.

    Case No.1: Non-standard search for a top manager

    Task: Finding an Executive Director for a new line of business in an international engineering company.

    At the start: The client started a search through an international executive search agency, but within 3 months there were no results. The customer is disappointed.

    Solution: The Stafferty Senior Consultant has agreed to provide no more than 5 candidates from our database who meet the requirements of the vacancy.

    Result: After four rounds of interviews, one of the five Stafferty candidates received a job offer. From the first conversation with HRD until the employee went to work, 10 months passed, including 4 months of lockdown and suspension of negotiations due to COVID-19.

    Case No. 2: How to close an “unclosed” top position?

    Task: A client approached Stafferty with an urgent search for a COO with direct reporting to the owner.

    Important: Over the past year, 3 managers have changed in this position.

    Solution: We held 2 sessions discussing the business tasks of the Client and found out that historically in this organization the COO solved the tasks of the commerce, HR, and finance departments, which made it difficult to find a person with linear experience.

    Result: We proposed to the Customer to change the structure of the position and systematize operational management differently. As a result, after the restructuring of job responsibilities, we were able to offer the Client a pool of more relevant candidates, one of which was chosen.

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