Professional employment organizations (PEO) is a type of full-service human resource outsourcing

    Outsourcing of HR Functions

    HR Outsourcing is a transfer of all administrative and compliance tasks associated with employee payments to a third-party provider.  

    We manage the entire employee assignment life cycle, from onboarding to payroll and benefits administration, scheduling, analytics, and more. This solution is also referred to as payroll solutions, payroll outsourcing, or payrolling.

    Human Resource outsourcing includes:

    • Employee On/Off Boarding. 

    • Employee Care – dress code, key info, and training. 

    • Workers' Comp and Unemployment processing. 

    • Benefits and payroll processing – health, PTO, and more. 

    • Generating monthly payroll reports. 

    • Monthly adjustments and ad-hoc payments. 

    • Income tax, pension fund, and social taxes payment. 

    • Business trips, annual and sick leave administration, compliance with social benefits and guarantees. 

    • Expense reports procession. 

    • Submission of required reporting to regulatory authorities. 

    • Briefings and compliance with labor and fire safety requirements. 

    Advantages of Payroll Service:

    • Salary payment is correct and on time. 

    • Personnel costs are clear upfront. 

    • Control of headcount. 

    • Personnel administration. 

    • Legal support. 

    • Minimizing risks.

    Other services
    Temporary Staffing
    Recruitment process outsourcing is the transfer of recruitment activities to the provider in full or partly (in certain areas, categories of positions, stages of selection process).
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